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Amazon Wishlist's

Only Amazon Germany and Sweden er supported,
as shipping and import taxes from anywhere else, are astronomical.

you can still use your usual login credentials
and you can change the language to English.


These are things i can't possibly  afford  myself or,
they simply don't exists   in Denmark.

The list might be slightly  different,
as the items might not be available on both sites.
So if  one list is empty, check the other one.

If the lists are completely empty,
it means that everything has already been purchased for us.
if you should find something yourself,
like a unique  teddy Tintin or something special for Miss Marble,

you can send me the link to the item
and ill add it to the list   
for you to purchase.
If you can't find anything and
you still wish to help and support us,

you can always donate using PayPal, or the Shop.
In which I    will purchase  what's needed, locally,

which is the far cheapest option.

Thank you in advance, for all you love and support.
Tintin and Crew

Little disclaimer:
This is an alternative to sending us something directly, or to a P.O. Box,
as P.O. Boxes don't exist in Denmark and our address is highly secret, for obvious security reasons,
as some people have very ill intentions towards Tintin, Miss Marble, Paps or all of us.
*Unmotivated gift giving is still and fully legal, according to Danish rules and laws.

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