Why does Tiger have a leash on?

Tiger is a brawler,

he has been alpha male in this area for the past 5 years.

As you can tell from his ears, he has been in a lot of fights.

When he turned 11 years old,

new and younger cats wanted to take over his alpha status.

Obviously, Tiger wasn't prepared to give it up.

So, the last cat fight, almost cost him his life.

With a rapid infection, spreading underneath his face,

his whole right side of his face, got detached from his skull.

On top of that, his 3rd eyelid on his right eye,

was ripped out of his eye.

He had to undergo 5 hours of facial reconstruction,

including eye surgery, in order to save his life.

So, i came to the conclusion,

that it was no longer safe for Tiger,

to roam freely around, getting into more cat fights.

Tiger dodged a bullet

and im pretty sure he has run out of his 9 cat lives.

So, with his last life left, he's now a retired alpha male,

living his life as an indoor cat, with of course

the extra benefit of going on daily walks

with his best friend, Tintin The Squirrel.


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