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Welcome To Tintin's official  Website

Hello there human, my name is Tintin.

I am a Sciurus Vulgaris, also known as

eurasian or european red squirrel.
Don't worry,
although I look like a Pet, I am not a captive.
I understand and I deeply appreciate your concern

for me and my well being,

but every single day, multiple times per day,

I have the option to run off and into the wild outdoors.
Well, if I wanted to do so, that is...
For more than 10 years now,
I've been living with my very own human i call Paps

and my sister Miss Marble, which is a Cat.
That's right, I said cat...
Now again,

I also understand and I highly appreciate your concerns

regarding my odd sibling.
But I can personally guarantee you,

that I'm the boss of this household.
I regularly put my baby sister in her place,


Paps takes in other baby squirrels who needs his help.
I'm not a big fan of other squirrels and I would really prefer it

if they would stay away from my stuff.
But, I understand that they are fragile and sometimes

even hurt or injured,

just like i was when i was a baby squirrel.
So I mind my own business,

at least until they are old enough and well enough

to return to the wild.
If you want to read my full story
you can click HERE

or you can watch the short version below.

You can follow my daily vlog on

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And remember,

keep smiling and always,

Fight like a Squirrel

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