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Having and caring for Squirrels is no easy nor cheap ordeal. 
Since fate brought us together, 
i've always felt that i needed to spread the joy and laughter he gives me and my family. 
So with that in mind, 
i opened an Instagram account. 

And boom, almost instantly he went viral. 
I have gotten a lot of hate too, 
so i made a background story about him, 
to make things clear and easier to understand.
Please read his story if you haven't already, thanks.

Many people have felt the need to give Tintin or Tiger a little something, 
such as a toy, some snacks or some other little thing. 
So instead of me getting a ton of teddy bears in the mail,

the fans suggested a donation account. 

So due to popular demands by fans and supporters on Tintin's daily blog, 
i'm hereby opening a donation option,
to everyone who wants to support Tintin, Tiger or Rescued Baby Squirrels

*All donations will go uncut to Tintin,

Tiger and/or Rehab of Orphan Squirrel Babies.

Such as, food, care, toys, equipment and vet bills. 
Thank you all for your love and support!

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