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What People Say


Max B

Hi Decan and fur-friends! I'm following this wonderful account since 2015 and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing and how you are dealing with everything. Your posts always brighten up my day a little bit. The world would be a far better place if everyone was a little bit more like Decan. I wish you, Tintin, Tiger, Marble and all of the wonderful animals you helped and protected a long, happy and healthy life. Thank you for your care and your social media activities. In the words of Gandalf: “Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love." Many greetings from Germany Max


A longtime follower

During many low days I had, I would check in everyday to see what Tintin and TIger was up to, your account gave (and still does!) moments of joy, not just Tintin but also Decans very wise words which kept me grounded and reminded me to be grateful of the small things in life. Your account reminds me that no matter how low some days are, there are still reasons to be happy. Your account also gave me a love and appreciation of these little critters. Thank you Decan, Tintin and Tiger :) x



Seeing Tintin’s post on Instagram always bring a smile to my face and hope for a more positive future where humans and animals are in harmony :)