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Red Squirrel Giving Birth

Although it looks like she's all alone,

I can assure you that

every single squirrel

in a 5 km/3 mile area,

is on high alert!

Both male and female squirrels

in the neighborhood,

know exactly what's going on here,

and they are ready to give their very lives,

to protect our mamma in this vulnerable state

and they will fight off any

and all predators or intruders.

There will be a lot of chatting in the tree tops,

as all the squirrels will try and confuse

and distract any predators.

So if you hear a lot of chirping in the trees,

there's a good chance that

new squirrels are coming to the world near by.

She is not alone, far from it!

They will mate twice a year,

spring and fall.

If they are lucky, they will give birth to

around 2 to 5 pup's per season.

Other, unlucky lady squirrels

will help the lucky females,

and adopt a few of the babies

and raise them as their own,

to share the load

of being a squirrel mom.

And if our mamma squirrel

should fail to return to her nest,

if she crosses the rainbow bridge,

other females will take over

and raise the babies as their own.

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