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No peanuts for squirrels!

Here's why you should NEVER

feed peanuts to squirrels!

Unless they are chipmunks

or ground squirrels,

which are immune to the following:

I understand your confusion,

cause most wildlife prepackaged foods

contain peanuts both with

and without shells.

They do this out of the simple fact,

that peanuts are so inexpensive

that they use them to fill up their packages.

So make sure you buy some

without peanuts!


Reason 1:

The shell of the peanut

can contain an undetectable fungus.

This fungus, or mold has been linked

to permanent brain damage,

such as epilepsy and seizures,

as well as heart, liver and lung failures.


Reason 2:

The Peanuts are a legume, like a bean,

not an actual nut.

When raw they contain a trypsin inhibitor,

a substance that inhibits or prevents protein,

B12 and other highly important vitamins

from being absorbed into the body.

This can lead to irreversible

and permanent damages.

Even if the peanut is roasted

there's still a chance of the fungus

and the trypsin to survive.


Reason 3:

They are basically like eating potato chips.

They are the most unhealthy "nut"

in their category.

Like iceberg lettuce is the worst

in their category.


Reason 4:

I have simply lost count, 100+ cases,

on how many pet squirrels I've seen with serious seizures

or spams, pressing their teeth through their own mouths or simply die,

at the age of 3 maybe 4, when they can live till 20!

I've even seen wild squirrels with these seizures and spasms

although it's rare photos or videos due to the simple fact that

predators usually get to them first.

All because they were fed peanuts on a regular basis.



A general rule when feeding wildlife,

is to never give them something

that isn't naturally grown in their region.

Squirrels won't eat peanuts on their own,

unless there's absolutely no other option

or alternatives available.

A simple fact is,

it's better to be safe and not give them any peanuts,

than sorry for shortening their lifespan

with a long, slow and very painful death...

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