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Ultimate Squirrel Rescue Guide!

Step (1)

Is the squirrel an adult?

No, it looks like a baby!

Go to step (2)

Yes, it's an adult!

Is the squirrel injured in any way?

No, It looks fine!

Congratulations, you've met a friendly squirrel.

Yes it looks hurt!

If you know for sure that a cat has had it in it's mouth,

it will need medical attention and a all-around antibiotics right away

as cat saliva is highly toxic and will kill it slowly and very painfully!

(The vet shouldn't charge you for this, as it's a wildlife rescue, rehab and re-release.)

Use your jacket to pick it up, do NOT use your hands!

An adult squirrel can crush your finger bones and cause preferment damages!

Go home and follow from step (7)

Step (2)

No, the squirrel is a baby!

Don't approach it, don't touch it and don't pick it up!

Look around you...

Do you see an adult squirrel nearby?

Step (3)

Yes, I see one!:

Back off!

Walk away and let the parent collect the baby!

Do NOT intervene!

Step (4)

No, there are no other squirrels around!

Do you see a squirrel nest nearby?

Step (5)

Yes, I see a nest but no adults!:

Collect the baby Squirrel,

use thick garden/work gloves,

put it inside your jacket or your pocket and go home.

Do NOT feed them!

No water, no cows milk,

as both of these will kill them slowly and very painfully!

Find a small cardboard box

and put a towel or a clean t-shirt in there.

Cut off all the sides on the box and leave one top cover on,

like this:

Step (6)

Return to the location you found the nest

and place the cardboard box

at the bottom of the tree where the nest is located. Keep your distance and watch out for predators.

Good job!

You've done your part!

Step (7)

No, I don't see any nests or adults!

Again, pick up the squirrel or squirrels

place them in your jacket or pockets.

Go home and make a cardboard box, as shown in step (5).

Do NOT feed them!

No water, no cows milk,

as both of these will kill it/them slowly and painfully!

Use Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

to locate a local, private rehab person.

Contact them and follow their instructions, carefully!

Step (8)

You won't have the time nor experience to handle this on your own. They need 24/7 care and attention as well as milk feeding every 3rd hour around the clock, miss one feeding session and they could die on you. Trust me, you do NOT want that on your conscious.

Step (9)

Do NOT get yourself attached to them,

no matter how cute and adorable they are, they will turn wild!

For more information, read the article:


My personal recommendation is that,

if you do have squirrel visitors in your garden, do some research beforehand,

look into the nearest private rescue/rehab/release squirrel expert,

before it becomes relevant, then you'll already have their social media accounts,

in case you should stumble across a lost or injured baby. That way you can act with speed, efficiency and confidence,

that they will survive and thrive in the future.

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