Squirrel Rescue Guide!

Step (1)

Is the squirrel an adult?

Yes, it's an adult!

Is the squirrel injured in any way?


If you know for sure that a cat has had it in it's mouth,

it needs medical attention right away

as cat saliva is highly toxic and will kill it slowly,

and very painfully!

Use your jacket to pick it up,

do NOT use your hands

as they can crush your finger bones!

Go home and follow from step (7)

Step (2)

No, the squirrel is a baby!

Don't approach it, don't touch it

and don't pick it up!

Look around you.

Do you see an adult squirrel nearby?

Step (3)

Yes, I see one!:

Back off! Walk away

and let the mother squirrel collect her baby!

Do NOT intervene!

Step (4)

No, there are no other squirrels around:

Do you see a squirrel nest nearby?

Step (5)

Yes, I see a nest!:

Collect the baby Squirrel,

put it in your jacket pocket

with your hand

wrapped around it for warmth

and go home.

Find a small cardboard box

and put a towel or t-shirt in there.

Cut off all the sides and leave one, like this:

Step (6)

Return to the location you found the nest

and place the cardboard box

at the bottom of the tree

where the nest is located.

Good job!

You're done and you saved a Squirrel!

Step (7)

No, I don't see any nests!

Again, pick up the squirrel or squirrels

place it/them in your jacket pocket.

Go home and make a cardboard box

as shown in step (5).

Do NOT feed it/them!

No water, no cows milk,

as both of these will kill it/them.

Use Google to locate

your local wildlife center.

If in Denmark, dial: 1812

Follow their instructions carefully!

Step (8)

Finally, if all else fails,

even the wildlife center.

Use Google again and search

for a squirrel rehabber

in your area or even country.

Follow their instructions carefully!

Step (9)

Do NOT get yourself attached,

no matter how cute and adorable they are!

For more information, read the article:

Why are Squirrels bad pets.


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