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Why are squirrels bad pets?

Or, what does it take from you to have one as a Pet. 1:. They need free roam of the whole house and garden! They are scavengers by nature and need that stimulus on a daily basis,

or they will loose their minds and go insane. You CANNOT cage a squirrel, read reason 6. They will always have 50 times more energy than you, and it's your job to stimulate and help them spend that energy, every, single, day! No exceptions, no days off, no sick days, no going to work and no going on vacations! They get up at sunrise, which in the summer time is around 4:30 to 5:00, and you have to be ready to stimulate, watch and take care of them.

2:. They are expensive! Organic foods such as nuts in shells, seeds, fruits and vegetables. They are highly sensitive to chemicals and pesticides, so all food have to be careful cleaned and managed for optimal health. They also need regular veterinarian checks, at least twice per year. If you can even find a vet that are willing to take a squirrel.

3:. They are extremely destructive! Your whole house needs to be made squirrel friendly. Wires, chargers, phones, headphones, shoes, perfume, makeup, plants, human food, candy and any types of plastic. Can NOT be accessible! Wooden tables, chairs, shelves and frames will be destroyed, get scratches and have bite marks.

4:. They cannot be left alone at home for more than a few hours. And only, if they nap! Squirrels are social animals! Read reason 1 and 6.

5:. They can live up to 20 years.

6:. If they are left alone, or caged, they will start to peace, stereotypical behavior, stereotypy (Google). If that happens, they will go permanently insane and do self-harm such as biting their own legs and tail off. At this point, they will also attack their care taker and anyone else, with devastating consequences. Such as, split or crushed finger bones and permanent nerve damages, ripped eyes with possible blindness and deep lacerations everywhere.

7:. You can not have guests over. Either they will be scared out of their minds, or they will see any of your guests as a threat to their territory and attack. They will defend it, with their lives. If you or your guests are heavy meat eaters, the squirrel will pick up the pheromones

as a Predator! That means you'll never be able to pick them up or

cuddle with them, which they need

as a social animal.

Same goes for Alcohol, Smoke and Perfumes.

Can't use, consume or apply any of those things.

8:. You can not have a new pet, while you have a squirrel. Cats and dogs are natural predators to squirrels and they will see them as such.

9:. You live and breathe by their rules, not the other way around. You have to adapt to them and their every need, you dedicate your own life, to serve them.

10:. Most squirrels can never be house trained.

Squirrel pee means "This area is Safe". So they will poop and pee anywhere and everywhere they go, especially on you and your belongings.

These are only the first 10 reasons, out of hundreds. Also keep in mind that in many countries and states, it's illegal to capture and keep wildlife in captivity. Some squirrel species are on the endangered list, and there for a federal crime to capture and/or keep in captivity. *Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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