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A Tribute to the Sheriff

Updated: Apr 30

Tiger, a very, very special cat.

Now, I've had quite a handful of cats in my lifetime but Tiger,

Tiger was by far best of the bestest kitties.

Even though he was "just" a cat, he was so, so much more,

not only to me but, to many others, humans and animals alike.

He had a heart of absolute guld, he would listen to you if you needed an ear,

he would be silly if you needed a smile, he would cuddle you, if you were hurt or in pain.

Even if you just lived in the area, he would be there for you.

Before his retirement as The sheriff,

he would rule the yards with an iron paw and it didn't matter if it was a cat,

rat, fox, badger, hawk or a large dog.

No one was allowed to hunt or even look at a squirrel wrongly.

If the squirrels were playing in the trees,

he would sit at the bottom trunk and keep watch for predators.

And the squirrels quickly learned that it was safe whenever Tiger was around.

When Tintin and I were still allowed to walk with the hardness on,

Tiger would follow us and keep watch.

I've lost count on how many times Tiger has chased away other cats and even dogs,

that had their eyes on Tintin, as he was running around on the ground,

vulnerable to any predator.

No, Tiger wasn't just any cat, he was The Cat.

He was a protector, a brother, a loyal friend and a treasured family member.

But, Tiger is finally with his sister Coco, Tintin's foster mom,

that we tragically lost so many years ago.

Together at last, playing chase on the endless planes of grass beyond the rainbow bridge.

You did good Big T, your job is done.

Rest in peace now, my baby boy. 🌈🐈‍⬛

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May 29, 2023

What a beautiful cat Tiger was, I love tuxedo cats ♥️♥️♥️


Apr 07, 2023

So sorry, he was obviously loved so much. Lovely how he and Tintin got along so well. Deepest sympathy.

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