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Are you feeding your squirrels wrong?

Updated: Apr 30

Are your squirrels, only eating nuts?

Well, I'm afraid to say it but, yes, yes you are.

Believe it or not, nuts are not a squirrels main food.

In fact, it's a luxury, a rarity.

They're primary foods are seeds, buds,

cones, moss, lichen, bark, fruits,

vegetables, even flowers and occasionally, nuts.

If they aren't eating the fruits or vegetables

you put out for them, it's because you give them too many nuts.

Not only is it extremely bad for their health,

you also prevent them from doing other things,

such as mating, making nests, preparing for seasonal changes.

Squirrels are like 5 year olds, if you put a bowl of candy in front of them,

and a plate of vegetables, which do they pick?


Not only that but, food left for anyone to find and take,

takes the highest priority.

Even higher than finding a mate,

mating and even building or reinforcing their homes.

Basically making them homeless and alone, at the next big storm.

Of course, it's more fun for us humans to see them eat and hide nuts,

but please, feed them with caution and only with foods naturally grown in your country.

We're supposed to be helping them, not prevent them from being their natural selves.

Thank you 😊👍

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1 Comment

Anne Fletcher
Anne Fletcher
Feb 13

Great to know thank you for the info

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