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Squirrel Memory

Updated: Apr 30

So, how does a squirrel remember where they place all their nuts?

They use, what is called a 'triangular positioning system'. TPS, instead of GPS.

They choose 3 points in the landscape, like shown on the picture

and bury their nuts in the center of the 3 points.

This is the most effective way to remember multiple locations, unless you have a GPS.

In average, squirrels will remember 75% of everything they stash.

The remaining 25% will grow up to new trees, flowers, bushes and crops.

Cause it's not only nuts they stash, but seeds too.

Did you know that the red squirrels

don't actually hide their food in the ground for storage?

No, they actually bury the hardest shells just beneath the surface of the dirt,

to soften the shells naturally.

If they bury it too deep, it will sprout, to shallow and they'll get stolen.

They will often return to the same nuts over and over again, to check

if the shell is ready for an easy meal.

They'll remember up to 750 nut locations, per season.

Of course, they could always just crush the shell themselves but,

that costs precious amount energy that they could be using elsewhere,

for housing, mating, playing or chasing away rivals.

Softer foods like seeds or already weakened shells, will be stored

in their main stash, usually one of their backup dreys/nests.

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