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Miss Marbles Story

Miss Marble was a little over a year old

when she decided to move in here.

She had post pregnancy signs such as

floppy belly skin and milk filled breasts.

She didn't bring them and

she wasn't leaving to feed them.

Which can only mean that

she had lost her kittens,

most likely to a predator.

She was extremely weak, emaciated

and under nourished, full of ticks and fleas.

Living on bugs and human trash,

she probably wasn't able

to protect her kittens and

must have witnessed her kittens

being taken, one by one and eaten.

Last but not least,

someone, a human, has trampled her,

stepped on and broken her lower back.

The leading physiotherapists in Europe

concluded that the damage

wasn't from a car impact,

as the force that had been applied was

from directly above and with great force,

excluding fallen objects as well.

Luckily, she hadn't caught any

of the life threatening diseases or viruses,

such as cat aids, panleukopenia,

leukaemia and chlamydia,

which is very prominent and pretty much

a guarantee in most street cats.

So yeah, our girl has seen her fair share

of pain, misery and despair.

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