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The story of the harness

Tintin could wear his beloved harness.

Ever since he was little and he got hurt,

he'd always have something

wrapped around his chest.

At first, it was the bandages, which

he immediately scratched off.

So, I made him a makeshift sweater

out of my son's old socks.

Once he was healed enough not to wear it,

he became very paranoid, very nervous.

He wouldn't leave the garden

and if I tried taking him outside,

he would immediately sprint back home.

So, I found a harness for him,

so he could get a taste of nature

and maybe, just maybe,

that would ease him back to the wild.

But, that simply wasn't ment to be.

No matter how hard I tried,

no matter how often I would tried,

Tintin would always run straight back home.

When the authorities gave us the warning,

we had a whole year to trained and

ease him off the harness.

But I, as well as the community

already knew what the outcome would be.

Again, no matter how hard I tried,

no matter how often and which way I tried,

Tintin would sprint right back home.

Not only that,

but he would become so utterly terrified,

that he would completely disregard

his own safety, just to get home.

He would run straight past other humans,

dogs and cats, in a frantic sprint.

Once I would catch up to him back home,

he would be waiting there,

in a complete and utter panic attack.

Gasping for air, hyperventilating,

shaking and tremoring violently.

Needless to say,

I didn't continue the training for a whole year.

So instead, we got ourselves a fence,

so Tintin could feel safe and secure

in his own little garden.

It worked and he has

never attempted climbed the fence,

despite other squirrels showing him,

by running in and out of the garden daily,

despite nature constantly calling him

and despite mating season

calling him twice a year.

So there you have it, the back story

of the now banned harness.

To the authorities defense,

they're only following the law,

regarding the captivity of wildlife.

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