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Social Status/Hierarchy

Updated: Apr 30

Social status is above all else for the European Red Squirrels.

They will avoid fights at all costs,

to avoid injuries and damages that can directly impact their social status.

Like, a red squirrel without a tail or a chipped ear, is as good as a lone wolf.

That squirrel will never find a partner and

will have a very hard time finding food and even shelter,

as it will have the absolute last pickings, in any squirrel community.

They will often travel large distances to find a squirrel free area,

where they can live by themselves.

On the opposite side of scale, the alpha squirrel or alpha couple,

will have the biggest, brightest and the most fluffy tails in a large area.

Around a mile to a mile and a half in diameter, their nests being in the center.

They will also be the strongest and the most agile squirrels in their area,

as speed and agility plays a huge role to their alpha status.

Although the alpha male doesn't involve himself in raising his children,

he does provide protection, shelters and food.

Alpha couples are typically together permanently,

unless one of them dies or loose their social status, as described above.

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