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Squirrel Housing.

Alright, so you have visitors in your garden

and you'd like to do more for your local critters?

Not to worry, we got you covered.

There are many types of designs for pre-built

squirrel houses you can get but

here are the important notes:

The house needs at least 2 holes, one main door

and one escape door in case of predators.

The house needs to be facing north, to avoid direct sunlight,

you don't want to cook the babies in the summer.

It needs to be at least 3 meters above ground, or 10 feet.

Minimum hole size:

6cm/2,5in to a maximum of 10cm/4in wide. Put a bunch of hazel and walnuts in there and nothing else.

They'll take care of the rest.

Here's a few examples.

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