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Squirrel Nests/Dreys

the wild squirrels can have

up to 3 nests per squirrel.

They usually store food, snacks

and other treasures in one nest.

The males also have a luxury nest,

that's ready for a

pregnant girl squirrel,

they use this nest to show off

to potential girlfriends.

And then they have a 3rd nest,

which is usually

their main living quarters.

As a matter of fact,

a squirrels nest

isn't call a nest, but a Drey.

Tintin however,

has the luxury of making

different dreys, depending on

the surrounding temperatures.

Some drays gets passed down

for many generations, some

can even be more than 25 years old

and still be used.

So, if you see a squirrel

that lost it's nest, due to tree cutting,

storm or otherwise, even with babies,

don't worry too much about it

and let the mom move the babies

to her Backup nest,

cause she definitely has one,

if not more.

If you really want to help her,

guard her babies while she's moving them,

but don't approach them

unless they are in danger.

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