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Squirrels Teeth

Updated: Apr 30

The Red Squirrels teeth are very, very powerful tools!

They have a total of 20 teeth.

Besides the 4 grinding teeth,

they also have 8 smaller teeth in the back of their mouth.

The 4 grinding teeth have separate muscles attacked to them,

meaning that they can open and close them together independently.

Or, spread them and unify them.

This is practical when they eat soft items such as greens,

flowers, moss, lichen and such.

They can basically use both upper and lower grinding teeth, as scissors.

However, when it comes to hard objects such as a nut shell, they unify them,

so the 4 teeth look to be 2 solid teeth.

This makes their teeth 10x stronger as they are lock together like pieces in a puzzle.

In fact, combined with their powerful jaw muscles,

they can produce enough force to crush human finger bones like toothpicks, pun intended.

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