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The European Black Squirrel

Updated: Apr 30

Calabrian black squirrel,

(Sciurus meridionalis)

aka the Eurasian Black Squirrel.

Classification: Extremely endangered.

These squirrels are very close related

to the eurasian red squirrel,

(Sciurus Vulgaris) aka a Tintin.

Classification: Protected by law.

However, they are rapidly falling in numbers,

but not in the way you might think.

The Red squirrels simply has stronger gens

than their black counterparts. Meaning that

if a red and black make babies,

all the puppies will be red,

leaving no black heir for the next generation.

We do have very few numbers left

in the north west part of Denmark but,

those also form relationships with the reds.

Cause who can resist a Ginger? 😏

They are slightly larger than the reds.

Their numbers where so small that

scientists thought for the longest time

that it was a red squirrel

with a faulty gen, like an albino.

But recent study show that they are indeed

two separate, individual species.


The American Black squirrels

are a subgroup of squirrels.

These squirrels are not the same

and they are crossbreeds between

the eastern gray squirrel,

(Sciurus carolinensis)

and the red fox squirrel,

(Sciurus niger).

Noticeably different reds,

by their lack of ear tufts, smaller

and white circles around the eyes.

Mostly located in north America and Canada.

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