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Sense of Smell

Updated: Apr 30

The red squirrel have a sense of smell,

that's millions of times better than us simple humans.

In comparison,

it would be like if we only saw in black and white,

while they saw in full colour, including uv and ultraviolet.

Our sense of smell simply pales in comparison.

So even though it might look like they are searching for food all the time,

they might not even be hungry.

They're simply "reading" the entire environment around them, by smell.

From a single straw of grass,

they can tell what kind of animal that has been there and if it was a squirrel,

they can tell exactly who has been there, if they're sick,

what they had for dinner and who they have been hanging around with.

From a single drop of rain or a snowflake,

they can smell the air and water quality

from thousands of miles away cause the wind carried it here.

Imagine if you could smell the morning air, in the Siberian mountains,

simply by smelling a raindrop.

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