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Shell or Not to Shell?

Updated: Apr 30

Shell or No Shell nuts?

I've gotten this question a few times,

I also mentioned this in the Squirrel Teeth, squirrel fact.

But here's a separate article.

You might be thinking that you're doing the squirrels a favor

by buying hazelnuts or walnuts without shells

or other soft shelled nuts and seeds,

but you're not...

Squirrel Teeth are like rabbit teeth,

they constantly grow and they need grinding,

a lot of grinding to be kept down to their optimal lengths.

Overgrown teeth can be deadly!

Overgrown squirrel teeth are often seen in "house squirrels" and in public parks,

where people tend to feed them lots of bad things, such as french fries,

bread, chips, peanuts and other substances that are fatal for squirrels.

Yes, the American grey squirrels are very resilient but,

that's no reason to feed them garbage.

A side note is that nuts are like candy for squirrels.

And squirrels are like 5 year olds.

If you place a bowl of candy next to bowl of vegetables,

the 5 year old will eat the candy.

Same goes for squirrels.

If you feed them too many nuts,

they will lack vital minerals and vitamins that they should have gotten

from other sources in nature.

Causing immunodeficiency, making them easy targets

for sickness, viruses and diseases.

Too many nuts will also cause them to overwork themselves,

as they will stash what they can't eat.

Nuts in their natural shells will also last longer without the risk of mould or fungus.

If you want to feed your squirrels nuts, here's a few thumb rules:

If you have 1 visitor in your garden,

a handful of hard shelled nuts

per week doing the summer.

2 visitors, 2 handfuls.

Around 10 nuts per squirrel, per week.

Make it a weekly routine and

don't worry, they will show up on time, every week.

Doing the winter, double it up.

If you own a house,

I can strongly recommend a compost pile in the corner of your garden,

so all wildlife can pick and choose what they need.

Keep in mind that you're supposed to be help them,

NOT provide for them...


For more about food for Squirrels,


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