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The story of Coco and Tiger.

I adopted these two siblings from a family that could no longer care for them.

They had spend their whole lives, 5 years as indoor cats.

After a few days at home, I did as the cat book said,

spread their litter box in the nearby bushes for them to find home.

I did so and Coco refused to leave the garden.

Tiger however, set off on a 2 day adventure before finding his way back home.

Tiger has always been the bad ass if the two, while Coco was the loving,

caring and cuddly little princess.

When Tiger would come home with a mouse or a bird,

Coco would fight her brother for it, she would take it from him and care for it.

Licking it, warming it like it was her own little kitten.

Time went on like this for 4 years, when a miracle landed in our garden.

Tintin had arrived. I knew Coco and her personality, so I had no worries in my heart,

when I handed her the wounded squirrel baby.

At the time, her brother Tiger, wasn't even home.

The following day after we came home from the vet,

Coco and Tintin was cuddling after milk and wound cleaning, when Tiger came home.

Tiger understood that Coco had claimed that little thing,

so he wanted nothing to do with it. Stayed far away and clear from Tintin.

After almost a year, Coco died in her sleep, laying next to me in bed.

It came as a shock to us all. No warning, no signs. We were all heartbroken.

Her brother kept calling for her, went out searching for her, day and nights.

We even had complaint of his constant calling.

Eventually, he came to terms that she wasn't gonna come home.

Tintin and Tiger bonded on a whole new level I never thought possible.

They always greet each other with nose bumps and

Tiger always companies us around when we are out walking, never leaving Tintin's side.

I have lost count on how many times Tiger has spotted and chased off Hawks,

cats, other big Bird and yes, even large dogs.

No matter the size of the dog, Tiger will stand his ground and he will not flinch.

He is the alpha cat in this area, and everyone knows it.

His now 10 years old and people around here call him (The Sheriff),

cause he's always wearing his uniform, and he's always out patrolling...

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30 mag 2023

Two beautiful cats 🐈‍⬛ 🐈♥️♥️

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